Nopuff Smokers’ Clinic – Smoking Cessation Program Testimonials

I became a smoker in High School when I was 16, and for as long as I can remember I have been trying to stop, trying numerous methods to do so. Being a single dad with 3 young girls, I had to deal with not only the physical effects of short breath and low energy, but also my kids asking me to quit smoking. That’s when I knew I had to quit for life. Never at any time had I just spoken to someone about how to stop. Lyn was supportive and easy to talk to. I began to really understand why I was smoking and then believe that I really could stop. It was so good to have someone to educate, inform, assist, and counsel. Lyn understood and didn’t force me to do anything I wasn’t ready for. I found it truly amazing that I was able to quit with little cravings, mood swings or major difficulty.         I can honestly say for the first time in my life since starting smoking 16 years ago that I am a non-smoker. I have not smoked for the last 8 months and I know I never will again.”   – LP, QR National

I was initially sceptical of the phone counselling because of the distance involved, no face to face contact etc, but very early on I realised the benefits of it. It got to a stage where I was looking forward to you ringing because I was proud of my achievement to date. The information and advice that you provided was excellent and went far above what I had been previously provided by a GP. You were able to draw out of me the problems and concerns I was experiencing and gave me tools and tactics to overcome them. I also soon realised the benefits of having someone totally remote, both in location and in any sort social interaction to talk to. Your knowledge of the problem of nicotine addiction and the various steps and methods that a person can utilise to overcome that addiction is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any person. I have noticed a rapid decline of smokers at my Station. Some of the previous smokers I am aware you had dealings with, for some others it was just a flow on effect that managed to quit on their own. I know that I am only a cigarette away from being a smoker again however the tools you have given me will stop that happening. I thank you for your support and persistence.– KS, QR National

“I just wanted to touch base with you to pass on my thanks to Lyn Baucia with her fantastic smoking cessation program. Lyn has helped me since Sep last year through her program to give up smoking. Since Jan 08 I have not had a cigarette and throughout the whole process. Lyn has remained in constant contact with me to keep me in perspective to get away from the addiction of smoking. I am so much happier and healthier for giving up smoking. I would like to personally thank Lyn with her program and I am a walking success of her program. I hope that Lyn is able to help other police officers with her program with the program she is running. Through my own research since being part of Lyn’s program, I have learnt so much about how harmful smoking is and the cause it has on being the cause of the onset of so many terrible diseases.”                                             – BJ, Qld Police Service

“I’m now 33 weeks pregnant and so not smoking has not been an issue for me which is fabulous. The smell of smoke literally makes me ill and a bit faint. Our sessions worked so well. I wonder if the not smoking and healthier lifestyle attributed to me falling pregnant. I had quit for a while when I fell pregnant so I know baby was not effected by it and my body was in the best shape possible for pregnancy. Thanks for your help.”                         – CS

“I am happy to recognize the great work Lyn has done with our staff who took part in the NoPuff Smoking Cessation Program. Lyn’s extensive knowledge, support and experience as both a pharmacist and a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist proved invaluable to the stunning success of the Smoking Cessation Program in our workplace. Not only has the program seen participants actively achieving their goal to quit smoking and improve their own personal well being, as a company we are also enjoying the benefit of improved productivity in the workplace.”

– AO, Senior EHS Advisor, Boeing Defence Australia


“I would like to offer my thanks for your time and efforts of your NOPUFF Smoking Cessation Program. In our class of 9 smokers at the end of the 6 week sessions we had 7 nonsmokers and 2 people who had dramatically cut down on their smoking. When I started the course I wanted to quit smoking but I was never really confident that I could. I am 53 years old and have been smoking since I was 15. I had previously tried on 3 separate occasions and failed every time when I was in my late teens, mid-twenties and mid-thirties. After the first session and with the information that I needed to quit I went to my doctor and worked out the best way for me to quit. I started on my patches.

Our next weekly session and the whole class had improved their smoking habits although only 1 person had quit all others had cut back with most showing dramatic changes. Each weekly session all the class members had shown improvement and each week there were more non-smokers. Each weekly session was filled with more information, feedback, encouragement and a willingness to succeed. Even if someone missed a class you still were able to contact them to give them the information and encouragement needed.
I know myself that after 2 sessions I had changed my mind set to thinking that I could give up smoking. I did have a few setbacks along the way but with the class and your encouragement I continued on. I have now been a nonsmoker for 2 weeks and I will
always be a nonsmoker now. I would not have succeeded without the NOPUFF Smoking Cessation Program with your guidance, encouragement, information, feedback and knowledge made the sessions enjoyable for everyone. Now I have succeeded I have shocked and pleased my workplace colleagues, family and friends. I encourage any smoker who has any inclination of quitting smoking to participate in the NOPUFF Smoking Cessation Program as you will find, as I have, how easy it really is to become a nonsmoker. Thank you Lyn and NOPUFF Smoking Cessation Program!”
– LH, Boeing

5th December, 2013

No Puff – Smoking Cessation Solutions

Dear Lyn,

Thank you for facilitating our Smoking Cessation Courses in Townsville and Mackay for General Practice Nurses and Primary Health Care Providers.

From the feedback we have received, the participants were glad to be given the opportunity to attend such a worthwhile workshop. Feedback included comments such as “I understand finally how NRT works and how I can help patients use if effectively” and “highly valuable, informative and interactive”

We would recommend this course for Primary Health Providers as it was an engaging evidence based workshop.

We wish you luck for future presentations

Yours sincerely,

Leigh-Anne Metcalfe

Program Coordinator – Quality Improvement in Practice