Group Programs

Register interest now! Reservations must be made in advance

To register interest for the next Group Program and to schedule an initial evaluation or ask questions, contact Lyn Baucia on 0402 119 820

The Group Program consists of 8 to 10 participants

  • A FREE 15 minute phone call to answer any questions prior to first session
  • 6 consecutive weekly group meetings of 1 ½ hrs.
    If you have a group, you can nominate a location (dependent on distance)

Group members will

  • Be supported by a Tobacco Treatment Specialist
  • Learn about nicotine dependence, behavioural and social factors
  • Individual Quit Plan and selection of stop smoking medications
  • Learn to identify their personal triggers and develop alternate strategies
  • Receive support and feedback from peers who are also on a path to quitting
  • Learn relapse prevention strategies
  • FREE Carbon Monoxide monitoring and Lung Age calculator (optional)