Corporate and Workplace Programs

Why implement a smoking cessation program in your workplace?

Too often, we hear about how smoking is related to long-term health and financial costs to the smoker and their family. However, smoking results in very real and immediate costs and health risks that impact your business and employees.

Workplace related legal action against smoking and second hand smoke is on the rise causing many employers to recognise their duty of care to provide a safe and healthy working environment. Cleaning costs, maintenance, absenteeism, lost productivity and increasing insurance premiums are also leading employers to enforce a smoke-free workplace.

Employers take care to provide good working temperatures, adequate lighting, comfortable workstations and a variety of wellbeing programs – the provision of clean air and a healthy workplace should be a natural extension of any concern to improve working conditions.

A workplace smoking cessation program is proven to enhance your corporate image, increase productivity and improve employees’ health and morale.

FACT: The average smoker spends 8 working weeks per year on smoking breaks. That’s a cost of $7,540 based on the average Australian wage

FACT: smokers miss work due to illness 26-37% more often than non-smokers

FACT: Loss of concentration due to nicotine withdrawal has been cited as a possible cause of workplace accidents

Can your business afford to lose thousands of dollars each year for every smoker in your employ?

80% of smokers want to quit and fewer than 8% of these can do it on their own. However smokers are 4 times as likely to quit with the help of pharmacotherapy and counselling.

So how can Nopuff Clinic help you have a happier, healthier and more productive workplace?

Nopuff Clinic will design a tailored program with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations. Smoking Cessation Specialist, Lyn Baucia utilises a mixture of pharmacotherapy and smoking cessation counselling to help your employees quit for good! All programs are individually designed and tailored for your employees and requirements of your workplace.

Below are some of the options available for your workplace smoking cessation program:

  • Information and Motivation Seminar (Recommended prior to individual or group programs)  

A seminar delivering cessation messages via a presentation (approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours in duration). Can be used with small or large groups, and caters for all levels of motivation, including those completely unmotivated. It is ideal for a workplace setting, where evidence based information about smoking and quitting can be explained in a group setting.

  • Workplace Combined Group/Individual Program   

This is a 6 week combined group and individual session. Each session is up to 1 hour. It takes the group through education, sharing of experiences and strategies, as well as individual monitoring of Carbon Monoxide and Lung Age at each session. Employees will be given an individual Quit Plan.

Group members will receive:

– Assessment Questionnaire and Nicotine Dependence Scoring to complete prior to first session

– Quick phone assessment prior to program (10 mins)

– Carbon Monoxide monitoring at each session to monitor progress

– Lung Age testing is available

– Education about smoking and nicotine dependence

– Awareness of stop smoking medications options & which is most suitable for them

– Assess dependence and develop a Quit Plan

– Learn relapse prevention strategies

– Learn to identify their personal triggers and develop alternate strategies

– Receive support and feedback from peers who are also on a path to quitting

– Free follow-up of employees at 3, 6 and 12 months


  • Individual face to face Program                                                                             

Individual programs consist of 6 sessions with a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. First Session: 80 mins. Assessment and Individual Quit Plan established. Subsequent Sessions: 30 mins.

Program consists of: Assessment of Dependence, Carbon Monoxide monitoring, Lung age calculator, Individual Quit Smoking Plan, Education, Support, Strategies to cope with Withdrawal Symptoms and Staying Quit

Free follow-up of employees at 3, 6 and 12 months

  • Occupational Health and Safety Officer Training                                                         

    If your workplace has on-site occupational health and safety officers or medical personnel, we can organise a short training course to equip them with all the tools and knowledge necessary to provide smoking cessation support to your employees.

  • Regional Program 

If employees are in regional areas, they can still be assisted to quit smoking. Lyn has vast experience in delivering programs via phone, Skype and email.

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Past corporate clients include: Australian Defence Force, Queensland Police Service, RioTinto-Kestrel Coal, Queensland Rail, Boeing Defence Australia and the Brisbane Airport Corporation.

For some testimonials of how successful Nopuff’s smoking cessation programs have been in the workplace, check out our testimonials page.

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