About Nopuff Smokers’ Clinic

Nopuff provides evidence based smoking cessation treatments designed and delivered by Mayo Clinic Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Lyn Baucia .

Nopuff Smokers’ Clinic delivers tailored smoking cessation programs to the workplace, community groups and individuals.

Nopuff clinic also offers smoking cessation training and education to all health professionals to assist patients in their practices.

Why Nopuff Programs

We know that:

  • Most smokers want to quit
  • It may take multiple attempts to quit successfully
  • The most successful attempts utilise medication and behavioural counselling
  • Individually tailoring treatment for a patient is more effective than “1 size fits all”
  • Some people have success with quitting when they utilize social support (such as groups)

Why Nopuff is different to all other smoking programs:

  • Lyn Baucia is a Mayo Clinic certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS)
  • Lyn is a registered, practising Pharmacist
  • Lyn is current with the latest information and treatments available
  • Lyn utilises evidence based treatments
  • Lyn individually tailors medication and strategies for each patient